Meanwhile, on ebay

So ebay, for some reason, conflates ‘Steal’ – the 1995 film with Alfred Molina, with ‘The Steal’, a 2002 film. Due to a moment of idiotdom I ended up with the latter not the former. I’d be more annoyed, but I paid £1.99 for it, so I don’t really find it in my heart to care that much.

It’d been ripped to the media server and has sat for a few weeks waiting for me to be bored enough to watch it. The awesome headache I’ve got right now was enough of a push, so I sat down and watched it. And y’know what? It’s fucking terrible.

It’s got a couple of nice action-y set pieces, and I quite like the premise, but the acting is worse even than I could do and the script… Well, the script makes the fantastic film I wrote and filmed in secondary school look like a oscar worthy piece of genius. I can’t say that I paid it a great deal of attention, it distracted from my headache sufficiently to make it worth the experience, just. But for once in my life I’m actually tempted to delete it from the media server to reclaim the space.

A few small things

So, today has been another day of tidying and cleaning. We’re not bad at cleaning per-se, just disorganised about it. Having done the kitchen and lounge fairly thoroughly last week, we tackled the bedroom and bathroom today. It was mainly just failure to tidy away clothes when they’re clean (which is, to be honest, a mixture of both of us not being great about it (they get folded and taken upstairs… and then it falls apart; but also it’s too many clothes / not enough space). We had a fair old cull of clothing, I’ve got a whole bunch of ‘work’ clothes sitting in the ‘work clothing laundry pile’ which I need to cull fairly spectacularly, too. I hate throwing clothing away until it’s completely knackered, but the new policy of making rags from old clothing makes me feel less bad about retiring stuff with holes in.
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Voila, Spam

So, I decided to kill time watching ‘Fatherland’; for those of you who don’t know, Fatherland is an excellent novel which is set in a future in which Hitler won the second world war; continued extermination of the Jewish people, and in which America has a right wing president, and the Soviet Union continues to fight the might of the new German empire.

It is, in fact, a truly excellent book; chilling and well written, especially to those of us who had it drilled into us at school that the war was won by luck and 3 days (the German tactic of destroying the RAF would have worked had they continued for about 3 more days; after which we’d’ve run out of pilots). I heard an interview with the author of Fatherland in which he said he regretted selling the rights to it; and disliked the film. And had always vaguely wondered what it was like. So I watched it.

Meh, read the book. The film is far too short, the characters just, well, the whole thing doesn’t feel believeable and it doesn’t have the texture of the book. My dad always used to say that the pictures were better on the Radio, and I’ve always kind of mentally extended this to books. Books have the best effects, too. And the Berlin of Albert Speer really feels deeply real in the book, but like much else it really doesn’t come across in the film.

So, there you go. I can’t decide if I think it’s really a bad film, or if it’s really an okay made-for-tv movie but it just doesn’t compare to the book…

Um, yeah, this Journal thing.

See, thing is I have to avoid ranting. I want to rant, sometimes. Like when I came home from work having looked after the person with back pain that radiated around to the centre of their chest… they’d been to see the GP with this pain, and he’d said he’d check it out at their next appointment…

…although that doesn’t beat the GP who informed the person suffering severe central chest pain radiating to their left arm that they should leave the surgery and ring 999. Never mind the handy ideas such as a nice ECG, throwing some oxygen on, or administering even some asprin (hell, I have that in my *car*).

So I tend to leave it ’til I’ve got rid of the urge to rant, or at least minimised it, because otherwise this’ll become like Nee naw, or Random Acts Of Reality, only without the quality of writing that those guys bring to the topic.

So we’ll skip over that; although I have to share that I’ve started doing venepuncture. Which is fabby. Now I can wear my ‘Tapping the Vein’ teeshirt and it really will have a double meaning.

On the subject of music…

recommended Splashdown a little while ago; and I have to say they are fantastic. I’ve been listening to the Stars and Garters album a lot; and also both Redshift and Blueshift. Free music, ‘s pretty cool eh? That faintly leads onto film (it really does), and I saw this link about reactions in Texas to Sicko. Maybe free universal healthcare is going to finally make it’s way to America. And about time.

Uh, what else? Well, what’s been keeping me from updating, apart from obviously working my ass off at work and then working my ass off on the house, has been, well, the house. The bathroom continues, if not ‘apace’ then with as much alacrity as I can manage. I kind of overdid it today, but the benefit of that is I just need to go and get one more hunk of wood and then I can start aqua-boarding the faux-wall at the end of the shower. Once that’s done… well… then I might as well commence tiling. Although right now, commencing sleeping is quite high on the priority list.

[8 days]

Home again

So, I’m all interviewed. I think it went okay, hopefully I should hear today whether I’ve got the job(s) – there are apparently some temporary contracts going – which leads me to an interesting question – do I go for a temporary job in the ED? I suspect I do – depending on how long ‘temporary’ is.

I read my comments from my mentors, and tried to remember that I’m a damn good nurse, at least some of the time. And I stumbled my way through the interview and at least looked conceivably like I knew about policy.

I hope it was enough. I guess I find out soon. I should (and will be) tidying shortly. But at the moment I’m sitting mulling and trying to distract myself from the thought processes about the interview. I hope I came across well.

So, in the name of distracting myself – this movie (in seven parts) looks really interesting. It’s the kind of thing I’d’ve loved to be involved in, but I doubt I have the skill yet. I need more practice. Hey! Nikki! How’s my song coming along?! James! Any luck with the models? :-)


And it’s raining; not consistently hard rain, but irritating rain – enough that I’ve not yet headed out to remove the wheel from my motorbike, which I really should get on with. Yeah.

Weekendly Updatitude.

So, I actually had a weekend off, which is quite weird, and I’ve spent it doing things which are fun/dubious/entertaining. First up, after a day at work which was less fun than it could’ve been, and actually invoked my ‘pissed off’ state – which I posted about here, James headed round and we went off to see his play.

Yep, his play. James has written loads over the years I’ve known him, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of it; I’m a big fan of his writing… But this is the first time I’ve seen a play of his. A short play, one act, but a good one. Yeah, I’m not good at reviewing things, so I shan’t try. Suffice to say I was impressed. It was part of the Windsor Arts Centre short-play competition, which is apparently bi-annual and run with the writer’s group. It was really a thoroughly enjoyable evening – reminding me how much I used to love going to the theatre, and just the act of going *out* – although it did take me about an hour to decide what level of neat I was going for and to find a combination of clothing that I declared suitable. Which was funny, ‘cos I wore the jumper the whole time…
Unfortunately, by the time the after-party occurred I had reached a stage of phenomenally tired. So, while James socialised I sat on a chair in the corner and endeavoured not to fall asleep. ‘m glad I didn’t drink any alcohol though; there was a distinct alcohol drinking urge, it being a pleasant evening out and the faint urge to have a glass of wine was there, but I resisted, knowing I was going to be asleep if I did. The one pissy bit was some incredibly irritating people behind us laughing, talking and generally being annoying through, well, the whole show – but particularly through James’ play. Mainly, I suspect, because the actor who they’d come to ‘support’ wasn’t in it.

How do you deal with that? I just wanted to turn round and tell them to shut up, but I didn’t want to make it worse, and nor did I want to make a scene in the middle of James’ play.

Anyway. So we headed back to mine, the icy temperatures waking me up somewhat, so a long evening of chatting was had and having done battle with the camp-bed, and warmed up the bedroom (cheapskate that I am, James got to sleep on the camp bed at the foot of my bed so I only had to heat one room) I slept like a baby (that phrase is odd, because babies, in general, seem to wake up a lot during the night).

Saturday came around and having, uh, talked really our way through the morning we decided to do a little bit of urbexing. All of 30 seconds of research and we had a site within walking distance. I need to process some photos, they’re not very good – although there’s a few arty ones; James with his nice zoom managed to get some rather better shots which actually look like we were inside the building (but we weren’t – although there is a way in, it’s not a safe way in, and I value my registration too much. It was very frustrating though, because we could see the inside through the grilles on the windows, but couldn’t really get decent shots of it). At any rate, they need some processing (mine) before they’re let out in the open, so you’ll have to wait for ’em. As a side point, it appears James (and therefore some others of you) may not have seen the Bristol North Pool shots – so here’s the links again: Gallery 1, Gallery 2.

Anyway, having frozen our peripheries off, we headed back stopping briefly for me to collect a bin – free of charge, of course – which is now my Kitchen bin. Ra.

We then had Pizza, a quick run to Tesco provided us with both Baileys *and* ice cubes, which combined to make a very chilled out evening. We watched Children of Men, which is a *really bloody good film*, and should have done much better. And actually, people should be made to watch our dystopian future. I also found my copy of Threads, should I ever want to depress myself thoroughly again.

Another late evening of chatting and gently consuming alcohol was then followed by a rather pleasant night’s sleep which – despite us both waking up early was another day largely spent talking, playing with the eyeToy games, and me hunting for Rez – ‘cos James’s never seen it in action (though I wasn’t planning on showing the accessory to him ;-) ). Sadly I cant’ find it, whilst I’m certain it is in the house, more than that, that I’ve *seen* it, I can’t work out where it landed up. I thought I’d brought it down to be with the other playstation games. But apparently not. I do now, though, need to find it :-)

At any rate, we chilled out and I fleshed out an idea for a Maker article I’m thinking of writing (yes, really); it’s actually something that *could* be a product – but frankly, it seems like too much effort. But making a one off one, that could be good. Can you copyright a design – but allow people to make it in a not-for-profit way? Only whilst I’m really happy for everyone to make their own, I’d be pissed if some company picked up on it and started making it. Anyone know?

Anyway, we made curry, sat down and watched Ultraviolet – which I still reckon is an okay film. Not brilliant, but pretty and moderately entertaining – although obviously that is assisted by the presence on screen of our Milla.

And finally, after James headed home, I did something almost unprecedented. I rang my sister, and just had a chat. I don’t know why, I just felt the urge, and did so. So that’s been my weekend, how’s yours been?

I’ve promised myself I’ll finish off some work before I get down to editing those images, but I decided to let myself actually enjoy the weekend off.

Herbie (Fully Loaded)

So, I finally got around to watching Herbie Fully Loaded; I know, I’m incredibly sad. I’ve loved Herbie films ever since watching Herbie, The Love Bug countless times at Primary School (where they had a copy of it on 16mm film and it was shown at least once a year).

I’ve always had this kind of… mechanical sympathy. Just watch me wandering round scrap yards; there’s a kind of bizzare reverance in my head, a respect for these vehicles, don’t ask me why. Maybe they have a soul…

Or indeed, watch me stroke the ‘hump’ on my beloved Rebecca.

Anyway, back to the film. [spoilers, but none you’d not guess]

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‘s a film my housemate got; one I’d neither desparate urge to watch nor avoid. But given my current indisposed state I thought “hey, there’s Paycheck, I’ve not seen that yet”.

It turns out that it’s actually a fairly formulaic futuristic thriller; but a good example of the genre. Man does something, memory erased, runs round a lot, gets shot at a lot, some nice action sequences, some nice Uma Thurman shots (how did that get in there? ooops) and some nice set-pieces.

Having watched The Bourne Identity (yes, I do mean Identity) recently I found some of the fight sequences in Paycheck a bit…. lacking.

It didn’t stun me with being fantastic (and since I watched it almost directly after Fowl Play At Midnite it probably should have left me going “wow”. Of course, watching a widescreen film on a cruddy little 4:3 telly probably didn’t help. But some bits of the film left me a bit cold. Was the sort of film I wouldn’t mind pausing to go to the loo, as opposed to the sort of film I sit there dying to go, but desparate to watch the film more!

So, yeah, competent but not wildly brilliant :-)