In other news…

The A Pride of Minors 2006 EuroPride video is now available for download at the video page. In two flavours, Huge and Quite Small But Not Very Good Quality. It’s also in the process of being added to Google Video, so for those without enormous bandwidth availability it should be on there soon. Just getting verified at the moment.

V is for virtuous

Which is how I’m being with not swearing at Premier. I don’t know quite what it is about Premier which winds me up so much – but it does just annoy me.

The editing functions are nice, but why does exporting video have to be a trial by experiment affair – especially when rendering each time takes ages. I’ve no idea why it won’t export video that anything else can actually view, or why everything leaps up and says “this video has not been rendered for sequential viewing. You should reinterleave the video before exporting it to a slow medium” and then plays something of such staggeringly poor quality that it’s unwatchable.

I don’t know what settings it *should* have, but none of the ‘default’ options work. I just end up fiddling with it until it works, which is tedious and because I’m normally tired and “just want the fucking thing to save the fucking movie” by the time I get to exporting, well, my patience tends to be a bit thin.

This is my last attempt of the night though. And I need to work more tomorrow, so, well, we’ll see what happens. I’ll probably play a bit but I can’t afford to spend my whole day trying to coax it into rendering video.

Blimey, that was fun

You’ll have to excuse typos, I’m absolutely wrecked, and I’ve imbibed some alcoholic fluids during this rather warm day.

I’ve also piled on the laundry, so I really am exhausted.

No, yes, so, we did Pride yesterday. Me, Chrissy, Lauren and James (who’s the token heterosexual who saved our float, all cheer for James, he rocks and is an absolute star). Yes. We headed out *early* and this year opted not to forget anything, apart from where Baker Street is. Having found it, we parked up, Lauren and Chrissy registered and I assembled the car…

I have to say, that’s about the only photo from the day, fortunately James managed to get quite a few more. So I shall await his photo collection with impatient excitement. I’ve also been scowering the internet for pictures of Pride London, just to see if there’s any of me, ‘cos I am a media whore.

I spent most of the time in the Parade Saluting (interesting the effect on the police of saluting them :) ). It was enormous fun though. Are you getting the fun and excitment. Everybody loved Rebecca, and some people loved me ‘n’ James too (although I suspect James wasn’t up for that much lovin’)  :-)

Much to my suprise, given last year’s disaster, she coped completely fine with the heat, although the clutch got a little juddery near the end of the parade, and as I got tired I managed to stall her twice (forgetting about going out of gear before letting my foot off the clutch).

After we pulled off from Pride we deposited Lauren and Chrissy and headed out to the outskirts for the finding of the free Parking. Mission accomplished – parked outside the house of an retired-Irish-Mog-Builder (no, really); And James and I headed back via the much-closed Tube system, meeting up with Lauren and Chrissy in Soho at the alledged Women’s Festival. Only a lot of the women there seemed to be… well… men. Semi naked sweaty ones too. Anyhow, we still had a great time, and I spent far too much on funky rainbow striped earings, twin female symbol earings, a rainbow striped wallet (to replace my almost entirely disintegrated one), an excellent film called “Saving Face” (watched that today)… and other stuff which I can’t think of right now! Then we headed out for Dinner at… various places, but ended up at Garfunkels, just as we were giving up hope of finding something to suit all requests :-)
Finally we headed home, dropping James off at his place before making a rather tired run back to Bristol. It’d’ve been fine if it weren’t for the rather unforunate fact that the M4 was closed and the diversion they’d put in place took us not so much on a diversion as a full on country tour. Having looked at the map I’ve still no idea as to why they sent us that way – and as we pulled into the services, fuel gauge on E I had to admit defeat. I was so tired it was unbelievable. Thankfully, Chrissy had managed to get some Kip in the back of the car and she drove the last 20 odd miles home, because I was really not fit to keep going.

But, I had an AWESOME day. AWESOME. It was without doubt, the Best Pride I’ve been to, aided of course by me and my beloved car being centre stage. And boy did Rebecca get some lovin’ yesterday. I don’t think she’s got as much attention nor as many photos in one day, ever, ever in her life. It rocked :-) And she looked so cool, little blue light flashing. Police sign a’top the car. Although it makes me fear for humanity when I came to understand why the police were worried. People did think she was a real police car….

Heee :-)

Incidentally, here is the flikr photo pool for EuroPride 2006… And endless thanks from me to James, Chrissy and Lauren without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

Not working yet…

So, yeah, yesterday. Got home from work via a car-parts shop with enough spray paint to start a career in Graffiti; but I didn’t; no, instead I set to on making the stuff for Pride. After a few hours I stopped and headed over to Nikki and Kates for a relaxing evening eating Kebab, watching Dr Who and Playing Fluxx (we love Fluxx).

And then I came home, chatted to James, went to bed at 2ish, got up at 8:30ish and set to on props for Pride again.

Well, at 10, anyway, because I needed to eat and then my mum rang.

So, yeah, I’m done now.

We have:

– A roofsign
– Magnetic letters of doom
– A blue-light with an extended lead
I just need to nip to the shops, find a white blouse (*CHEAP* and a black, short, skirt). I’d wear the hockey one but I’m not quite back down to size 12. Well, that’s not true, my jeans fit and they’re size 12. Hrm. Now I have to go check.

Okay, so it’s a very tight, but it sort of fits. At worst I *could* wear it. Just.

I also did some ‘pimp-quality paintwork’ on my car. Just to tart her up a bit. She looks way better, actually. Although the quality of some of the paint work is beyond questionable, and I’ve discovered just how close I am to needing a new front wing (–>< -- that close - you can actually, well, could (before I threw filler at it) actually see through the wing. It's that rotten). Anyway, here's some teasers (one you've seen before and some new ones).

Pride Prep

You can see how big-er difference it makes having the grille painted white. What you can’t see is how bigger difference it makes covering up the rust with filler. Even really *badly* done filler.

Anyway, it’s time to get on with my dissertation :-)

Damn this summer lazyness

I need to do the editing of my Chapter 3 – but the sun’s out and although I’m not a sun creature (more a mountains, snow and rocks creature) I do just feel the urge to laze. Not made any better by the fact my hayfever’s been completely evil today – and I’m still an itchy eyes / blocked and runny nose type person. At least the anti-histamines have made me feel human.

I shall have to work after I get back from my appointment, but the enthusiasm for riding into the centre of Brizzy in all my bike gear for an appointment where he’ll tell me to get some blood taken, I’ll get it taken, he’ll make an appointment for me in a year’s time, and la, that’s it… well it’s not great. But I must go.

I just spent a little while crafting a post on Gingerbeer – who we stewarded between (them and dykes on bikes) a few years ago begging, nay pleading for 2 stewards (for Guy). Hopefully they’ll come through or we’ll be the world’s shortest float. Not that I mind, but people might think ‘that’s a bit odd’ :-)

Anyway, Dr’s Appt, then Dissertation, I promise.

Eth eth eth eth eth eth eth Chris Waddle.

I’ve been watching too much fast show, I fear.

Yesterday my plans to do work were foiled by… well… my own stupidity. When I changed the points I didn’t noticed a subtle (not so subtle) difference between the Mog ones and the Ital ones. The ital ones have a small plastic locating notch which has to go over a pin. I noticed yesterday morning a slight hesitancy which, by the end of the day had become such a hideous misfire that going anywhere was pretty painful.

After pratting about for 30 minutes in my nice posh jeans I decided to call John, eat lunch and reattack. After a bit of prodding we discovered this bit of plastic and it’s misplacement. Correcting this enabled a fully functional ignition system to be returned. At the same time I readjusted the idle and the mixture… So now she’s hopefully running a bit less rich.

Today we went down to Marcruss Stores in the centre of Brizzy to get police uniforms costumes; in the end all I got was a hat and a little scarfy thing – but it does make me look roughly like a police woman. I do need a proper white shirt – I check the effect with the only plain white shirt I’ve got (it’s a dinner shirt, part of a dinner jacket I’ve got for the purpose of having it recut). It definately will work – although it needs a bit of a wash :-)

I also need a new black skirt – my old one, well, I’m not a size 10/12 anymore – and it is. It does fit. Just. Either that or if I manage to lose a stone (unlikely).

I also changed the battery in my iPaq which is now sat charging away. I didn’t realise the original was only 1000mAh; the new one’s 2250, so… hopefully that should be a bit better. Changing the battery in the 36 series iPaq. Ridiculously easy.

Anyway, I should get on.

Oh, now I see….

Getting permission to dress Rebecca up as a police car and ourselves up as police people for EuroPride 2006 turned out to be ‘somewhat harder’ than I originally expected. I either thought it’d be a straight yes or no (unintentional).

Anyway, eventually we managed to sort it out – and with muchos thanks to the Met Police who’ve been ultra-helpful. I’m very impressed.

Anyway, despite e-bay’s policy, today my police / emergency services lamp arrived; and well, now I see why they were so concerned….

Rebecca with a blue light

God, if I saw that coming up behind me I’d be thinking it was a real police car *grins*

Anyway, preparations are beginning slightly in earnest. Hell, if it doesn’t come off I’m sure we can be a float in a MardiGras when I get to Canada :-)

Hairy McScary

So, for EuroPride 2006 I’ll be taking my beloved Moggie; we hope; this year we’re also intending to make it to the far end and not stop 15 minutes in (not anything to do with Rebecca mind). As part of the forward planning for this I’ve been trying to find out whether, in a Parade, my car can be decked out as a Police car.

Rebecca’s blue, and a touch battered, but she’d look Lovely with ‘POLICE’ down the side and a nice flashy flashy blue light on top.

Anyway, so I started by asking the Parade organisers, but there was some difficulty there; no one seemed entirely sure. Technically I’m still driving down the road, with potentially, my car being identifiably a ‘police car’, which is illegal. Never mind that it’s 2006, not 1969 and my car is ‘unlikely’ to really be a police car. Indeed, I’d be seriously concerned if anyone thought it was (mind you people asked if she really was a tow vehicle last year, and whether Hebe really was a driving school car. People concern me). I can understand it actually, the whole not diluting the impact of the word POLICE.

It became apparent that that line of inquiry (I hate ‘that that, incidentally) was not going to yeild results quickly, so taking my heart in my hands I mailed the Metropolitan Police. Not that I’ve got anything against the Police, I’ve worked with loads of officers in my training and they’ve all, to a person, been excellent. I’ve encountered the police also outside of work – with the Racist blokie, and they were also really good then.

But just because I find contact with big things like the Police or the Government kind of intimidating. It’s one of those still feeling like a kid things. And also, my youth is not exactly the best thing in the world. It’s not like I broke any big laws, but I wasn’t the best kid in the universe. And I still feel guilty.
Anyway, having crafted an e-mail I paused for a moment, and thought, and then hit send. And off it went, winging it’s little way all the way to London.

Being as it was kind of a random request it bounced through the Met police a little teeny bit before hitting it’s mark; and a very nice chap mailed me back with information and more questions. And rang (unfortunately right at the time I’d decided to go out swimming); and it looks likely to happen. Of course, if anyone knows a discount supplier of magnetic signs that’d be handy.

But the question is, what’s so scary about all of this? It’s the fact I’ve had to give my car’s details to the police, and my name… I’m not sure why they need this, although it might be to keep track of cars they’ve given permission to. But that was like “oh god, what have I got myself into?”

Still. I’m looking forward to it. I need a blue flashing beacon if this is to work too. And a police costume uniform. Anyway, generally it’s *yay*. But it’s still a bit scary…