I give in.

I have no idea how to achieve this anymore.

The ‘ext2/3’ file reading software, well, it consumes all available memory…. then crashes. Isn’t that nice.

BeOS can’t see the fucking disks at all because they’re on a highpoint RAID card.

I am so totally sick and tired of this. I’ve still got no working PC it’s taken two fucking days and it’s now 11o’clock at night and I just damn well want to kick the whole thing out the window.

I still hate them

2 hours.

2 hours, and the data is slowly creeping from the dodgy 40Gb drive to the new 60Gb. It’s god-awful slow. I hate migrating operating systems. I’ve also realised that I’ve over complicated things, and that there are simpler solutions which I should have implemented.

Indeed, given that I have to re-reinstall my main work machine I think I probably will.

Tedious though it is.

I am very tired, I feel grotty from being ill and having spent days inside the house.

I have had little contact with my friends, ‘cos most of them I keep in contact over messegger clients and e-mail; and my main work machine is still awaiting completion.

And I have yet again destroyed a bunch of e-mail; because…. wait for it…. I didn’t save my inbox. I’ve just realised. Fuck.

I *always*; invariably, forget that my flipping e-mail client kept it’s inbox separate from the rest of the mail. *sighs*. I hope there was nothing too important in there.

Let me just state catagorically

I hate computers. I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them.


Of all the disks to be sickly, it’s the 40Gb Maxtor. This means that my new 60Gb drive has actually only granted me a net gain of 20 flipping Gig.

On top of which, the install process is not going ‘well’. I have actually given up on Linux. That’s right, you heard me, the linux freak has given up on Linux. BeOS will only be residing on the garage machine; although it will find use extracting the files from the old Linux disks. Why? Why I hear your plaintive cry come across to me.

Simple. It failed. Linux (SuSE 9.1 & 9.0) failed to install correctly on a really basic Athlon machine. Of course, it didn’t fail early on, oh no, it got to a 2/3s installed system which took 2 entire hours to install before it packed up and died on the reboot. And I note that Novell aren’t making the new version of SuSE available for download anyway.

BeOS is lovely, fast, but the software support is just not there – which I suspected, but I actually tired of broken links, downloads that didn’t work, and completely non-existant software within about 1/2 an hour.


This is day 2 and I have *one* working machine, *one* partial machine and *one* mid-install.

Mmm, 60Gb of shiny maxtor lovelyness….

….now what am I going to do with it?!

Due to my extreme poorness I have a selection of smaller drives, rather than any huge ones. Most of which come from RMA’ing Rachels old harddisks.

Indeed, my selection includes 1x 4 Gig, 2 x 9 Gig SCSI (given to me by John), at the smaller end, then 2 20s, a 30, 2 40s and one 60. Hence my intention to build ‘a storage server’ – because trying to organise my files across this random selection of disks is proving to be rather complicated.

I don’t know. I really don’t know how to organise my machines. I have ‘the garage machine’ (an old K6-II 400, which is intended to live in a garage and provide me with access to exciting things like music and diagrams of bits of car); my ‘work’ machine (which isn’t, ‘cos I only *really* work on my laptop) and my ‘storage server’ – on which I stick my mp3s (woot, I can finish mp3ing my CD collection now I’ve got more space!), my videos, etc, etc. I also want to stick together my ‘work’ machine so it can capture video, because I’ve got a bunch of old vids I want to capture and make into something I’m more likely to watch. Or indeed, able to watch without seeking out the ‘appropriate’ video recorder (some of my video recorders were a bit sick, back in the day, and one the tracking was so far out it could only play it’s own tapes).

Current thoughts are 1 x tiny baby 9Gb SCSI drives in the Garage machine, with a SCSI card from somewhere (might actually be my ISA SCSI Card, mmm, fast ;-). The 8 and the 40 in my work machine. Unless there’s a 10 kicking around somewhere (it might be in my garage machine) and *everything else* in the Server. The most scary thing about this is I’ll be having *no* working machines for a while. That and I have *no* idea what I’m going to use for an operating system! I’m conflicted. I want to use BeOS, but…. then…. if I make it dual boot…. Windows and BeOs…. Or something? But then my /home won’t be readable…. except that BeOS I think can read ext3. But windows can’t. Gaaaaahhhhh! Bloody computers.

‘Twas the night before Christmas

Well, not quite, but it soon will be… And I’m not at my parents.

Why am I not at my parents? Because I am full of lurgee. The cough I caught off my lil’ nephew last week has now developed into a fully fledged cold; I’m desparately hoping I can shift it before friday, ‘cos I really want to be at my parents for Xmas Eve/Xmas day. I know my body’s not very good at stomping on colds but I’m really hoping it gets off it’s lazy bone idle immune system and kicks this one into touch. Actually, that’s unfair. My body has been doing really well recently. This is the first time it’s kinda lost it.

Anyway. I dunno what I’m doing on here. Mostly can’t sleep. Want to, but can’t. Watched the first ep. of Lost today; got to say it didn’t *Grab* me, but there was enough vague interest at the end for me to decide I’m gonna watch the next one.

I’ve also been debating the massive reinstall/reorganisation of my PCs. But this involves a lot of hastle, and it’s always a bit unnerving pulling my installs to bits; and praying that when the machines come up they’ve got the disks I thought they had where I think they should have them! And that I’ve not nuked anything important. Not quite located the enthusiasm for that job yet though!


All fixed. Apart from that side light bulb. Daubed in new slogans, coated in new tape and ready for a trip to the land of the MOT Meister.

All I need is insurance.

I love my bike…. I hate my bike…. I….

Actually, I don’t hate it. I suspected what happened today would happen.

I fixed my bike; it turned out the clutch had moved off it’s tapered shaft enough to no longer grip it. Having got it all assembled I started it…. and staggeringly it started first time (not bad for 9 months without running); having got it going I tried….putting…it in gear. And discovered that the clutch was staggeringly missadjusted. Tried again, still misadjusted. Tried again, still misadjusted…and the cluch was back off its tapered shaft. Grr.

I need to be a big strong bloke; or as Lauren suggested, use a bigger lever.

So tomorrow it’ll be taking it all apart again; hopefully catching all the oil, putting it back together, but this time I’ll abuse the torque wrench in my attempt to get the thing tight enough. Still, it was fab to hear her running again; and *terribly* tempting to just take her for an MOT (although she’d fail, atm, she’s got a blown bulb).

Anyway, if I get her fixed tomorrow…. then I might be back on me motorbike! Woo! Go me!

It sounded so good to get that lovely 250 2 stroke noise and have *huge* cloud of filthy blue smoke wafting around me…

Oh, and I don’t *really* hate it at the moment, I’m just peeved at having to do it *all* again. In rather sad news, the fan I got, my attempt to braze the metal on it lead to the outer ring cracking, so I need to think of another solution to that problem and clean off the braze which, incidentally, hasn’t really stuck very well. :(

Modern Components….

…well, they’re rubbish.

I just got covered in crappy oily shite changing a distributor cap, then changing the bloody thing back. Why? Because the new one, from a minor specialist doesn’t *actually* fit. Or at least it fits, but the plug lead holes are the wrong shape, so the HT leads won’t actually stay in the flipping thing.

Having spent about 5 minutes trying to work out why they didn’t fit I realised that the holes were virtually V shaped; so I’ll have to take it back. How crap is that?

A Life More Ordinary

So, some stress relief exercises, a good session (apart from the bit about it not being open ended), a new Death in Vegas CD (Scorpio Rising; 5 quid from Fopp. How cool are they?!), 2 new picture frames (need to go buy a third!); and I’m done.

Feeling much better; despite work commitments and having *no* idea what to wear to an Xmas party tomorrow. What do I wear! Shit, best ring someone….

Otherwise, I think that’s about it.

No news yet on ‘the big project’; the alledged Dead Like Me DVDs remain elusive and my car requires that I replace the rotor arm and distributor cap that were completely shagged 1000 miles ago. Despite me cleaning them ;-)

Stepford Wives, incidentally, is a very funny film.

I want to restart my exercise regime. *I* Want to. So, tomorrow, out comes the rowing machine again. I shall post results here. Be aware :-)

Here in the South West it’s SRD time

I have a Stress Related Disorder. It doesn’t really stop me functioning; but it does make my life distinctly less pleasant. Generally, I feel sick most of the time, and like I’m going to vomit. I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom; lose a lot of weight; and generally hate my very existance.

It appears that it’s made a comeback. I would like this, provisionally, to:

– My dad’s illness, first and foremost.
– My monetary situation.
– My degree.
– My housing situation.
– My lack of a partner.

I’ve never been particularly good at dealing with any of the above, (well, my dad’s illness I’ve not really dealt with, until now; my money I tend to just ignore until I can’t; I hate being a student, it makes me miserable; we’ve got to move and I hate being single) – and currently they’ve all decided to pile on the pressure at the moment.


It’s a case of just knuckling down (or knickling, which is what I typed first) and getting on with it. Hopefully I’ll feel less like I’ve been out on the piss all day tomorrow.