Ah, for the sake of 5 minutes

If I leave at 5 minutes to 8 then I get to uni in 10 minutes. If I leave, as I did today at 8.00 then I get to uni in 50 minutes or so. So, instead of me having over an hour to kill, I have rather less. And since the lecture’s on the other side of the campus less still.

What can you do with 15 minutes?


Exit tree stage left.

I just said yes.

I said yes.

I must be mad. Madder’n a chocolate teapot. Madder’n a lorry.

For goodness sake! I am soon to be the proud (sic) owner of a Morris Minor Series II.

What tree am I meant to be in again?

In other news my placement for university appear unaware that I’ll be attending, and the woman I’m meant to be on placement with has been off sick for [a long time]. Woo! Go Uni!

Important Health Announcement

It doesn’t matter *how* many times you’ve washed your hands after cutting the chillies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a full 6 hours since you cut the chillies up.

Don’t try to remove contact lenses yourself. You will be in agony.

So ends today’s public health announcement

Oh that’s sooooo cool!

Okay, I didn’t know it did this, but the journaling software magically linked Fowl Play at Midnite to Paycheck when I linked the other way. I’m so impressed, that’s very very cool :-)

Don’t eat the curry!

I wish someone’d said that last night. Stomach cramps all day, more than is reasonable visits to the littlest room, and now I really don’t feel like eating any dinner. Point of fact, at this very moment, I feel like running to the bathroom and hurling up my entire gastro-intestinal tract.

A trifle unwell.

I’ve actually done fuck-all apart from watching Films; there should be some reviews up in a bit. I also slapped two rather rapid coats of paint on my dash / associated components. All should be set for me learning to spray, uh, soon. Mebby tomorrow, if I feel enthusiastic.

I feel…


I slept really well last night, felt really good when I got up, then started sneezing.

Took my allergy stuff and it’s had *no* effect whatsoever. I keep sneezing almost constantly; my head feels like it’s full of treacle and, generally I feel rough. Nyargh.