Making out like a bandit….

Well, not exactly, but still… 20 quid, 2 DVDs (well a double disk set) in exchange for 5 dvds, a video and 5 bags of books.

Actually. I made 20 quid out of the books, then gave the rest to the Amnesty shop (thus satisfying my need to do good and making me cash); but disposing of the DVDs was a bit harder. Most places that say “WE BUY DVD’S AND VIDEO’S” (sic), are, apparently, not buying DVDs right this this instant, like today, at all. Which is a shame ‘cos the place had quite a few DVDs I actually faniced.

Wheras Blockbuster offered me actual cash money (or value towards a trade), and they’d take the whole damn lot off my hands. Which was cool, and I got Red Dwarf Series I on DVD. Which means I can get rid of a bunch of home videos :-)

I fear it’ll probably be the hideous remastered version of Red Dwarf; but still…. Better the space :-)

Oh, and I got the two bolts that secure the rear seat. Well, I got two bolts that fit the rear seat, thus no more rear seat flying forwards when I brake. It’s kinda odd :-)

Down down down

Yeah, for whatever reason I’ve been on a bit of a downer today. Reaching it’s peak about 4pm when I was just laying doing nothing staring at the ceiling. Which sounds worse than it was; just couldn’t get the enthusiasm for anything. Work, not work, watching TV, listening to music. Everything kinda left me completely cold and without any feeling of enthusiasm. In the end I did the “clearing the book shelves of junk”. Unbelievably I’ve got 5 bags of books to go; and there’s another 6 *boxes* of books at my parents! 6 Boxes! I’ll save you the trouble, “Bloody hell Kate”….
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Love thy neighbour

Unless of course he’s a complete wanker.

So I’m working on my car, not even daring to have the engine running (which is a sin in his book, but I didn’t need it running for this :-), and what does he do? Turn his little shittyped round until the exhaust is pointing directly at me (well, the car’s in the way, but the exhaust is pointing down…) – i.e. sideways on his drive; start it and run it.

Why? God knows. He’s just a shit, as far as I’m concerned.

Then, while I was doing the video bits of “how to change the engine stay” he sat and rev’d his motorbike…

….again, possibly explicable, except that he was washing it. Why this required it to be rev’d I’m not entirely sure.

Anyway, engine stay is changed, I hope it’s a bit better now, and the judder’ll be removed…. and when I get the software I’ll edit that video (all 25 minutes of it) into something sane / insane :-)


No, another Nursing Times has arrived! This is unfair, I’ve not even *opened* the previous one! Nyargh.

To upgrade or not to upgrade

So I’m meant to be working, but I’ve just reencountered this irritating bug with my favourite piece of software / my webbrowser. Just as I was e-mailing the support people for both applications I realised I should probably check for upgrades. Now, I’ve kept WebsterXL up to date, but Ov Pro appears to be marginally out of date.

Now…. do I upgrade and see if it cures the bug? Or do I wait until I’ve finished working…… I think we know the answer to that one!