Oh, ha ha.

So I was very good at the training day, I spoke to [Sarah] , without prompting. Aren’t I good? I’m slowly getting better at the not-at-work assertiveness; which is cool. I can be very assertive with people I don’t know, and at work, but if I’m ‘trying’ to make friends it all goes a bit odd. So anyway, I’m pleased with myself and currently think I’m fab. Continue reading “Oh, ha ha.”

F**!£ing Printers

So, when I installed my shiny new OS my printer started working; miraculously and without prompting it suddenly started being able to print in full, unadultorated CMYK beauty. So today, having got to the point where I couldn’t do any more essay I decided, foolish as I was, to print off some artwork.

Ha! Said my printer, and spontaneously ceased printing in colour. It’s back to it’s very special CYK printing, giving everything a strange green-blue hue. Frustrating for many reasons, including the fact that one of the pictures I wish to print consists, largely of a big block of flipping red. I continue to hate printers.

Mmm, 60Gb of shiny maxtor lovelyness….

….now what am I going to do with it?!

Due to my extreme poorness I have a selection of smaller drives, rather than any huge ones. Most of which come from RMA’ing Rachels old harddisks.

Indeed, my selection includes 1x 4 Gig, 2 x 9 Gig SCSI (given to me by John), at the smaller end, then 2 20s, a 30, 2 40s and one 60. Hence my intention to build ‘a storage server’ – because trying to organise my files across this random selection of disks is proving to be rather complicated.

I don’t know. I really don’t know how to organise my machines. I have ‘the garage machine’ (an old K6-II 400, which is intended to live in a garage and provide me with access to exciting things like music and diagrams of bits of car); my ‘work’ machine (which isn’t, ‘cos I only *really* work on my laptop) and my ‘storage server’ – on which I stick my mp3s (woot, I can finish mp3ing my CD collection now I’ve got more space!), my videos, etc, etc. I also want to stick together my ‘work’ machine so it can capture video, because I’ve got a bunch of old vids I want to capture and make into something I’m more likely to watch. Or indeed, able to watch without seeking out the ‘appropriate’ video recorder (some of my video recorders were a bit sick, back in the day, and one the tracking was so far out it could only play it’s own tapes).

Current thoughts are 1 x tiny baby 9Gb SCSI drives in the Garage machine, with a SCSI card from somewhere (might actually be my ISA SCSI Card, mmm, fast ;-). The 8 and the 40 in my work machine. Unless there’s a 10 kicking around somewhere (it might be in my garage machine) and *everything else* in the Server. The most scary thing about this is I’ll be having *no* working machines for a while. That and I have *no* idea what I’m going to use for an operating system! I’m conflicted. I want to use BeOS, but…. then…. if I make it dual boot…. Windows and BeOs…. Or something? But then my /home won’t be readable…. except that BeOS I think can read ext3. But windows can’t. Gaaaaahhhhh! Bloody computers.

It’s an ipaq, not a brick!

For the last oooh, year or so, my iPaq has sat untouched, after a failed partial install of Opie. Now, Opie is all very well and good, but if you can’t transfer data to or from it, and the network connection absolutely refuses to work then you are, shall we say, a bit screwed.

You’re even more screwed when you forget the password.

Now, I’ve been looking at putting PocketPC back on the iPaq, purely ‘cos I want GPS. And GPS doesn’t happen under linux. At least, not as far as I can see (okay, I can connect a GPS and it can go “I can detect satellites”, but route planning software that does the following the car on the ground thing seems rather scarce). So, been looking at how to do that. Especially considering my backup of the original system seems to have somewhat gone walkies.

But lo, today, by sheer fluke I guessed the root password on the iPaq, which should make things a hell of a lot easier. Now, it’s just a case of getting the damn thing installed; of course, given the absence of a GPS from my life at this point, I may just fix the Opie install (or indeed stick a new Opie install on there, if there’s software that’ll allow me to transfer music and stuff across more easily).

To upgrade or not to upgrade

So I’m meant to be working, but I’ve just reencountered this irritating bug with my favourite piece of software / my webbrowser. Just as I was e-mailing the support people for both applications I realised I should probably check for upgrades. Now, I’ve kept WebsterXL up to date, but Ov Pro appears to be marginally out of date.

Now…. do I upgrade and see if it cures the bug? Or do I wait until I’ve finished working…… I think we know the answer to that one!

Time, and patience

I can’t believe I’ve just spent over 2 hours trying to get my sodding RISC PC to actually talk to my Linux box. SSH is apparently no longer working, nor will Samba, nor will NFS. In the end I actually resorted to using my webserver as a place to dump a zip file, so I could pull it off on the RISC PC. Why go through all this? Simply because I wanted to post something on drobe about the price ‘slashed’ Iyonix.

And I wanted to check that the most recent versions of my browsers still didn’t really handle, well, the internet, very well. Unfortunately, Netsurf proved to me that I’ve not been keeping my RISC PC up to date. It took a long time before I worked out why it wouldn’t load. WebsterXL is still as feckless as ever, but is faster I must admit.

I’m reminded, using my RISC PC, of both why I love and why I’m so frustrated by RISC OS – and why my RISC PC still sits on my desk. Anyway, having done all of this I went to post my comment…. and…. no login. I can’t seem to get a login for drobe, and I’ve forgotten my old one. *sigh*

I think it might be time for me to stop being a geek, I’m clearly no good at it anymore (oh, shush Emma). And yeah. Bed would be a good idea now.