My friend ordered me to create a page of ‘things I want’ no matter how expensive, how stupid, or how insane they are. So, here goes:

Handbook of ED Medicine

This is nowhere near a complete list. There are so many books I want, most of which I can’t even remember they’ve been on the list so long.
Duplicate, by Alex Feinman
– Ben Elton’s: Past Mortem
– Carl Hiaasen’s: Skinny Dip, (and any of the others I’ve not got).
– Any Sara Paretsky V.I Warshawski novels I’ve not got.
Tish and Pish: How to Be of a Speakingness Like Stephen Fry – A Delicious Collection of Sumptuous Gorgeosities
Alec Issigonis, the man who made the mini
MZ, by Mick Walker
The Big Blind / Perfect Play (Same book, two different titles).
A Certain Chemistry
Derelict London – Paul Talling.
– Bill Bryson: Mother Tongue – The English Language, Bill Bryson African Diary, A Walk In The Woods
The Road to McCarthy
Round Ireland With a Fridge, Playing the Moldovans at Tennis.
– Field Guide to the Apocalypse : Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World
Infiltration magazine back isses
– Arthur Golden: Memoires of a Geisha
– Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
Brain Rules – 12 Principles…
– Road Waffles – Volume 1(Out of Print – Gah!)
Okay… enough books….
No Girls Allowed: Tales of Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure.
The Apex Book of World Sci-Fi
Why satellites stay in orbit
Friends with Boys – Faith Erin Hicks

CD’s I’ve borrowed that I want… vinyl’s always good too. God I love vinyl.

– Michelle Shocked albums (I’ve got the original Texas Campfire Tapes and Short Sharp Shocked on Vinyl; and the Texas Campfire Takes CD).
– Franz Ferdinand
– Indigo Girls
– Garbage, the most recent album
– Lemon Jelly
– The Flaming Lips
– Fisherspooner
– Early Bowie, on vinyl :)
– Daft Punk
– Cibo Matto
– The Arrogant Worms
– The 2 Many DJ’s pirate disks
– The Zutons
– Tracy Chapman
– Within Temptation
– Pink
– Alex Parks
– Mogwai
– Ladytron – 604
– Melissa Etheridge
– KT Tunstall
– Kraftwerk
– Julian Cope
– Chilled out Jazz, ideally on vinyl
– Any Jazz on 78 Gramophone records, it’s just impossible to get in the UK…
– Ella Fitzgerald
– The Bravery
Space and the Woods (by Late of the Pier) (the 7″ vinyl)
Remi Nicole’s album.
Axe Girl’s album – but not as an iTunes download, that’s a pain for me, ‘cos I’m working on ditching windows on the lounge machine and there’s no iTunes for Linux

Uh. And more :)

– L Word Season II, L Word Season III, Season IV
– Hustle Seasons I and II
– Life on Mars Series I and II.
– Father Ted (all three seasons)
– Battlestar Galactica (the 2004 remake, all of it)
– Long Way Round
– The Invader Zim DVDs
– Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place on DVD
– Green Wing on DVD
– Kids in the Hall, both the film and any of the TV Seriessss
– If anyone can get the Staggering Stories of Ferdinand De Bargos, on DVD, I will love you forever
– Eddie Izzard (all of ’em)
– Christine, on DVD, just because
– Similarly: Braindead (UK release), Bad Taste
The Van; why is it not available with the original english language soundtrack?! Geeze you sods… When the English language version comes out…
РFilms other than Katakuri-ke no k̫fuku by Takashi Miike
– V for Vendetta
– Dark Horse (2005 – aka – Voksne mennesker)
Children of Men

Electrical (and oooh, so expensive)
Canon EOS-5D. Okay, there are better, newer Canons, but this’d do me. Mmm, Digital SLR. Hell, any fairly good digital SLR. Not that I don’t love my Canon AE-1; I do. I love film. Dearly. But that’s just it, it’s dear.
– No particular one, but a nice shiny AV amp with surround sound. I love film, and I love film that sounds right. I’ve finally got a decent telly, now for decent sound :)
Hoover Constellation, just for a laugh.

– Morris Minor Locking doorhandle for passenger side for a 4 door / pick up.
– Air con unit from Vintage Air, for a morris minor.
– Moskvitch 401.
– Tatra T-603.
– 1964 Trabant 601 Universal / Kombi (the Estate).
– Vincent HRD Black Shadow.
– Landrover Series II / IIa.
– Some sort of full height toolchest.

– Douglas DC-3.
– Flying Lessons to get a Pilot’s Licence.
– Rally Driving lessons.
– The ship from from Firefly.
– House in Canada, permanent residence visa, job at an ED department in any one of Canada’s major hospitals.
– Huge workshop.