Smooth as a grit sandwich

So I checked over the media server, spent ages making sure all the drives were plugged in correctly after shipping it over and then I turned it on. Well I tried to turn it on.


I checked it over and made sure that all the connectors were definitely well seated, that there were no untoward bits of crap floating around, that nothing was obviously amiss.


I stripped it down to just the mainboard / processor / memory / GFX card.

'It's Dead Jim' -- Bones McCoy

I stripped it down to just the mainboard / processor / memory.

So that’s another thing I’ll have to claim on the insurance.

Sadly, the phrase ‘woefully under insured’ springs to mind. When we got towards the end of the insurance items list we were starting to realise that we were running out of money to actually ship the damn stuff. So it’s only insured for around $400 (most of the other computers I shipped over I could ask lovely John to find a free replacement for, and then just ship over). That’s not enough to replace the hard drives in it, because it’s got “quite a lot of storage”. I’m thinking that if I replace the mainboard, processor, memory and at least one HDD I should end up with a working machine. Hopefully, whatever’s killed it didn’t kill all the hard disks, otherwise I will be a very, very sad bunny.

Thankfully, the cost of parts for an FM2+ machine isn’t way high, so even with the fairly low level of insurance I should actually be able to get a working machine again. How quickly, though, that’s another entire question.

I am, however, considering the possibility that it might be time to get a new case while I’m at it. If I’m throwing a new motherboard in, I might as well have a case that actually can hold a few more drives to put it in.

It’s quite frustrating. Not least because I was really looking forward to having our video server back online, and listening to podcasts again.

Tomorrow is, I think, claim day.

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