As planned, then not quite as planned

Not that there was a plan. But yesterday actually seemed to go okay. Spent the evening offering my nursey services for free. There’s a volunteer run clinic here in Oly, for people who’ve got no health coverage. And I spent the evening shadowing another nurse, although realistically I could have stepped in to start work after the first patient. It’s triage, it seems to be the same the world over. Apart from the fact that I suddenly have to recall my 12 times table for frickin’ inches, because every-damn-person gives their height in feet and inches.

And also Fahrenheit. Bloody Fahrenheit. Gah.

But other than that, it was peachy. And it happens the computer translates when you enter it, so I actually can use my nursey-sense when I look at the temperature in centigrade. It’ll come, when I get some practice, but it’s just when I look at a temperature in fahrenheit, or a height in inches, it means very little to me at the moment.

To be fair, we switched units on our blood gas analyser at the place I used to work, and it took me a little while, but fairly soon after we were forced given the opportunity to switch over I was happy with the new units. It’ll come.

Also yesterday I tried to make clotted cream. About $8 worth of cream got cooked for about 12 hours at 185°F / 85°C… I think it’s a bit long. Taste wise, I think it’s not far off. But texture wise, it’s positively crumbly. Which is a shame. I think maybe a couple less hours in the oven, maybe a bit more of the runny milky stuff that I strained off (and used to make the scones. Healthy, huh).

Still, it’s a step up on the stuff that we got from the shop. That was positively not right too.

Today, though, apart from the scones which are a smidge over done has been a little tricky., the actual home of my entirely narcissistic blog (no matter where you’re reading this) today got flagged by a friend as potentially having been hacked and showing up as having malware on it. After much dinking, I now think it’s probably server misconfiguration – and am waiting for the company that I use who do the underlying configuration (yes, I am now that lazy – or I admit that this is not what I’m spending my time doing, and therefore not ideally placed to keep it up to date). But that took a while, and lots of tedious fiddling.

I’m hoping I’ve not broken anything in the interim.

So yuh.

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