Well, that was quick.

So, that house I found yesterday. They let me out early today – the ward’s closed (again) so I was down to two patients awaiting scans…

So, having handed over I dashed home, hit the Land Register, and found the owner of the house. I managed (using a phone directory and a distinctive name) to find the owner’s phone number (he’s moved since he bought it). Rang him and he’s… in.

Sadly, my run of good fortune ended there. He doesn’t want to sell, the property was bought for redevelopment… 6 flipping years he’s had it, surely it’s someone elses turn? Ah well. Still, for 4 quid I’ve found out that that is not to be my house. If anyone else can coax him into selling :-/

So, the hunt is back on. I’m a bit disappointed (not really suprised though)… I’d’ve liked it to be that easy. And I could really see potential in that property. Never mind.

Author: KateE

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