Sore, achey, lazy tart

So, I’ve not worked today.

Why? Well… errr. No good reason. I meant to, I really did, then I got sucked into Livejournal, then I noticed that my copy of Series One of the Fast Show’d arrived, so I watched an episode of that… Awww. Ted and Ralph. Awww.

My hands have been driving me nuts recently; they’ve been very painful as is pretty common with me when I’m typing too much. And when I was practicing the guitar they were complaining. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired, but the other thought which occured to me was that maybe it was the awful posture and positioning enforced by the arms on my officechair. I’ve been thinking for ages – I don’t like them and I don’t want them. It’s my chair… so I removed them today. And y’know what, it’s way better. I curl up a lot – which is part of my awful posture – but I never could with the chair the way it was. It also forced me to sit a distance I found incredibly uncomfortable from the desk (the arms’d hit the desk). Of course, now I’ve become aware just how twisted I’ve been sitting – especially because my monitor’s at an angle. So now I’m sat at an incredible angle to the desk to get ‘comfortable’. I think I need to change this layout though. It’s already driving me insane. But my hands are hurting less already.

At least I got enough sleep. Yesterday I really felt so tired, so tired I didn’t feel able to do anything. Today I feel more or less human; oh and I’ve got half a Pizza for dinner. Woot!

My package made it to Alaska, which rocks. And I’ve got a big ‘ol letter to reply to, music to listen to on the way to work, And half a ton of American chocolate to eat. Muuuh. The world is good :-)

The news, incidentally, that I was alluding to yesterday is my plan to buy a house. When my dad died, it turned out that the many and various pensions he’d accrued over the years – and which kept my family in near bankruptcy for years – and which meant that he’d never have had the money to live on – because they were all such a mess. Well, they all paid out when he died, because he died so young.

Despite attempts to persuade her otherwise, my mum doesn’t want the money, but I’m not allowed to just have it because I will just give it to friends, I’ll spend it on crap, I’ll waste it. So it’s to go on a house. It makes me sad, because I know how much my dad would have loved doing up a house with me – and he knew this stuff so well. He could have designed a central heating system and put it in in his sleep. Ring mains? He knew how to design complete electrical systems for houses. He just knew it.

And we used to be quite the family team; my dad designing, building and prepping, me building and fixing and prepping and my mum painting and doing the interior design. And we all enjoyed it. And now, well, it’s just going to be me – my mum’s too ill to do it, and my dad’s dead. It’s funny the things that make you cry, isn’t it?

So I’m really going to miss him doing this. But.

My original plan was just to save the money ’til I went to Canada – but the realisation that it’d be 2 (at least) years of living in shitty accomodation I can barely afford; of being completely broke in a house I probably won’t like. So I suddenly thought, I can probably afford a house in need of renovation – especially at auction, so I think we’ll go that way. Think? Know. Well. I’m going to pop round ‘state agents, maybe this weekend, and see. Well, after I’ve stared at a map. Either that or on Friday. If I can will myself to look ‘neat’ at my Work Based Learning Day. It’d probably make more sense, then I can go get a Police Uniform on Saturday before getting on with work. And I’ve got lots of work to do. Behind? I’ve barely started. And this morning’s not helped.

I keep going to lean on the arms on the chair. It’s very odd, but much better now they’re not here. So that’s me news.

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