Another scary bit of America…

Guess I won’t be visiting Ohio then.

Land of the free…. yeah right.

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2 thoughts on “Another scary bit of America…”

  1. Prècis? The URL given forced me to watch an advert for the Alfie remake, and then took me to the Salon index page with no indication of the article you were linking to.


  2. It’s a story entitled Homosexuals are Hellbound; it’s the Editorial (yes, their site navigation is crap, took me two goes to see it).

    It’s about Ohio’s variant of the “Marriage Protection Bills” (or legalise-homophobia bills as I prefer to think of them) which are springing up all over ‘merkia; a particularly nasty piece of legislation due to the vague wording which means that the extent of its effect (and this targets straight unmarried couples too) is hard to calculate…. But it *will* prevent unmarried and gay couples from benefiting from ‘partner’ benefits provided by a company (so the partner won’t get health cover, or whatever; the working one may not be able to get time off work to be with their new-born child, etc, etc) because it will be illegal to offer these things. Uh. iirc….

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