Addictive Personality….

I need to stop spending so much time on the computer. Following this session I don’t intend to use the computer except for work/research until Monday. I know why it happens, why I wander into the arena of the computer addict; it’s being at home on my own.

When I’m at home on my own, I should be working. There, there in front of me is a folder marked “Mental Health EU Pack”. I know that I really need a holiday, and that that’s a big chunk of why I don’t feel like touching it, or it’s friends, the “Child Care EU Pack” or the “Midwifery EU Pack”. But I haven’t managed to look at the damn thing, and I really need to get off my arse and do so.

I also know that I’ve been spending time on my car, Rebecca, which should have been spent working. But at any rate; I’ve not done what I needed to on either project. So that’s going to change. Today. The problem with that thought is that it means I have to use the computer all day; which puts me in easy reach of: Discussion Boards, News Sites, Journal sites and Google. It’s a habit I need to break; not because I’m spending too much time on the computer, but because I’m very aware that I have no idea why I’m spending the time on the computer. There was a time when I saw updates of other peoples sites coming up quite often; and there was usually some interesting news, or new piece of software I wanted to nose at. But now….

Now I just look and go “oh, no updates” and then end up sat here again! Seriously, it’s bad. So, I’m gonna go to the GP and when I get back I shall be working. Okay? Good.

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